How To Activate YouTube Dark Mode Now [Root Required]

There was once a time where pretty much everything you view on the web was being blasted at your eye sockets through a white background that may be comfortable when sitting at your desk in a brightly lit environment, but if like me you like to scroll through your social media feeds at night, you’ll know just how blinding this can be. Recently Twitter added an optional dark mode (which has become my defauft, night or day) and many others are doing the same.

YouTube also has been working on a dark mode for their mobile application for quite a while now but we’ve yet to see it show up in the release version of the application, even though all the functionality is already in there. If you have a rooted device though, you can get access to this dark theme pretty easily in just a few steps.

Step 1:

Download the Preferences Manager application here. Preferences Manager Download

Step 2:

Allow it root access when requested, then scroll down to the YouTube application and select it. You’ll see the file name at the top showing youtube.xml.

Step 3:

Use the search box to find “theme_dark_app” andtheme_dark_watch_panel” and set their values to “true

*If you don’t have these values, simply add them using the + icon at the top (select Boolean, enter the names shown above and set to true).

Save and back out of Preferences Manager. Then “Force Close” the YouTube app and open it again.

Step 4:

You should now have the dark theme! 🙂